Oculus Quest 2 Returns with Twice the Storage

Image: Oculus

The Oculus Quest 2 has returned to the Oculus store after a brief absence with new silicon coverings and 128 GB of storage. The modification came after reports from users about skin irritation with the previous foam-based face covering. Oculus couldn’t find a contaminant or other cause in the manufacturing process, but Facebook paused sales anyway and changed to silicon.

The new model goes for $299. There is also a 256 GB model, but it is currently unavailable from the Oculus store. This might be because it is also being changed over to the new face covering. It is expected to retain its previous $399 price.

The headset includes two touch controllers, a charging cable, two AA batteries, a power adapter, and a glasses spacer. Optional accessories are a Quest 2 Elite Strap ($49), Quest 2 Elite Strap with Battery Pack and Carrying Case ($129), a USB link cable ($79), and Quest 2 Fit Pack ($39).

Oculus’ Quest 2 VR headset has been unavailable for the past month in many regions, as many users of the headset had been reporting skin irritation due to the headset’s removable foam padding. Newer headset models should ship with silicone covers to prevent this issue from occurring again. 

Source: Oculus (via OC3D)

Peter Brosdahl
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