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  1. Whatever became of the Star Trek retina scans for auth? We had one of those at a datacenter I worked at, but later on the security guy said it didn’t work for ****, it was just for show. It was so picky it would fail 70% of the time, so they just set to auto approve. You could have held a cantelope up to the scanner, and if no one in the security booth was watching that second, it would approve. Of course you still had to get into the building with armed guards, and a security badge to even get to the scanner. Side note, on the wall in the DC (which they called "data galleries" because of all the windows, which I always thought was stupid) they had a flat screen TV on the wall. It displayed an environment and activity animated graphic, to show temps and server activity etc. All fake, it was scripted and ran in a loop. Just to look good to customers. The NOC room had similar BS going on, I guess mgmt just wanted everything to be super fancy looking like the bridge of the Enterprise.

    Sorry, got off topic there

  2. Hard pass.

    I do not want to authenticate with my voice, my retina, my face or any other form of biometric technology. I’ll admit the fingerprint sensor is convenient on my phone, but I wouldn’t even want that **** on my computer.

    I guess it doesn’t matter anyway, as I don’t use Microsoft accounts.

    Local account only for life.

    There is no reason a PC should ever be linked to an online account. The day Microsoft removes the ability to opt out of this, is the day I uninstall Windows.

  3. This day is coming sooner than you think or sooner than you’d hope. Take your pick.

    I suspect you are right, but I am also already 99% Linux, so getting rid of Windows for the final 1% would not be a huge loss for me.

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