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As if gaming desks and gaming chairs aren’t enough, Japan is now trying to make gaming mattresses a thing. Bauhutte, a company that was actually in the news before for its gaming bed setups, has now introduced a gaming mattress that’s seemingly ideal for lazy gamers who prefer to game while in bed. The mattress features a high-resilience urethane x slit structure for increased support during intense gaming sessions.

From Bauhutte’s press release (machine translated):

A unique slit structure is used for the slightly hard high-resilience urethane. It fits the unevenness of the body and supports a comfortable sleep that heals a day with hard gameplay.

In addition, the comfort that makes you want to mess around is ideal for “games while sleeping in bed” during the day.

It has excellent body pressure distribution and does not put a burden on the body, so it is recommended for self-degrading gamers who spend a lot of time on the bed.

If you introduce the forbidden layout “gaming bed” that allows you to complete all activities of games, animation, meals, and sleep on the bed, you can pursue a higher level of comfort.

Image: Bauhutte

Bauhutte’s gaming mattress is available in three sizes: single (100 x 200 cm), semi-double (120 x 200 cm), and double (140 cm x 200 cm). The single costs 28,500 yen (~$255), $37,500 yen (~$336), and $43,500 (~$390).

Source: Famitsu (via Kotaku)

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