New Half-Life 2 Beta Branch Brings Bug Fixes, Increased FOV, and Ultrawide Support

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Image: Valve

The team working on Half-Life 2: Remastered Collection has shared a new beta branch for Half-Life 2 and its two episodes. As Valve continues to develop its Steam Deck platform, the process has added a new verification feature. The program lets Steam Deck owners know the level of hardware support a game may have with the portable gaming system. Among the listed titles is a new beta branch that includes bug fixes and numerous improvements for the 2004 game. There are no official patch notes for the new beta branch, but a number of updates are easily seen.

  • UI scaling has been modified to correctly display on the Steam Deck
  • HUD has been updated so that it will now scale to any resolution
  • Ultrawide resolution support with FOV up to 90-110
  • Abililty to independently set aspect ratios for the HUD or game
  • Bug fixes
  • Vulkan API support

The original Half-Life 2 is, still today, an incredibly engaging game, but it definitely shows its age when it comes to visuals. The development team behind Half-Life 2: Update is currently working on a Remastered Collection that will bring visual improvements, bug fixes, and more. This collection is being developed with Valve’s consent.

Source: Tyler McVicker (via Wccftech)

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