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Industry insider Tom Henderson has shared a series of tweets that suggest a new Star Wars: Battlefront game won’t be releasing any time soon—if ever. According to the journalist, DICE pitched a third installment of the game to EA but was unsuccessful in convincing its overlords, as the publishing giant ended up rejecting the title due to licensing costs. The last Battlefront game, Star Wars Battlefront II, was released in November 2017.

“Battlefront 3 was a pitched title from DICE, but ultimately, the title was shot down by EA due to licensing costs,” Henderson tweeted.

“It got turned down because it takes 20% more sales to make the same money,” according to a past developer.

Henderson goes on to claim that DICE only has another Battlefield game up its sleeve, but Star Wars fans should not worry, as two titles are supposedly in development at EA. One sounds like it could be the long-rumored sequel to Respawn’s Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

Source: Tom Henderson

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  1. For good riddance. I’m sure the next Yoda would’ve been skin-toned purple if Bioware had the BF3 project.

  2. [QUOTE=”Uvilla, post: 44076, member: 397″]
    Oops Star Wars license not worth it huh? I thought everyone call these money printing machines.
    That’s until disney had their way with them. It’s not that hard to kill the golden goose it turns out. I mean Star Trek : dead. MCU: dead, Star Wars: dead.

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