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Amazon Studios is reportedly close to developing a series based on EA and BioWare’s hit sci-fi franchise, Mass Effect. The news stems from an article that Deadline published today regarding Prime Video’s latest series, The Wheel of Time, which is the most watched series of the year on the service, according to Amazon Studios head Jennifer Salke. Amazon’s interest in adapting Mass Effect was presumably prompted by the success of sci-fi dramas such as The Expanse.

Deadline’s blurb regarding a possible Mass Effect show:

One of the company’s newest hopefuls in the arena is Mass Effect. Amazon Studios is nearing a deal to develop a series based on the best-selling sci-fi video game franchise from Electronic Arts.

The outlet had nothing else to share aside from a description of the games, but fans of Henry Cavill might remember that the actor teased a “secret project” earlier this year that seemingly relates to Mass Effect. Cavill posted an image to Instagram that turned out to be a synopsis for the third game.

Source: Deadline

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  1. Yeah it’s no GoT. It isn’t overly impressing me, and the diversity for the sake of diversity is a bit over the top.

    If you read the books… and you may or may not have I don’t know. The ‘race’ of the people of Two Rivers was always diverse. People came and a specific kind if people just stuck around and made the town better. Maybe they will talk about that at some point. It’s more of a class system in that setting than a race divide.

    I could do a whole thread discussing what is interesting about how they chose to do that series so far.

  2. Didn’t Game of Thrones’ final season suck sweaty diseased horse cock?

    I… don’t think it lived up to the caliber of the written books.

    But since it seems we will never get the written books… at least it let them finish out the story without leaving it at a giant cliffhanger or waiting until the actors/actresses got too old to reprise their roles. That’s about the best thing I can say about it: it was more satisfying than a cliffhanger. But that’s a pretty low bar to clear.

    So maybe not ~diseased~… but I think everything else was accurate as stated. Not that I’ve ever tried it.

  3. I remember people raging about how bad the final season was and as I understand it, the last episode was especially terrible.

    The quality of GOT plummeted as soon as they diverged from the books (because they weren’t written yet – and it’s unlikely RR will ever finish them anyway) I think season 5 was already pretty terrible. I haven’t even dared to watch season 6 yet.

  4. I enjoyed them all just fine personally. Even the last episode was fine to me.

    Well, that may be. However, as I understand it many people didn’t feel that way. Many absolutely hated it. GoT was the only TV show my girlfriend ever made the time to watch live. She didn’t care for the last season and utterly hated the final episode. I’ve seen some videos on the subject and from where I’m sitting, the final season seemed to devolve into a **** show.

    Most people seem to be of the opinion (from what I gather) that the show turned to **** the moment that they ran out of source material from the novels. At that point, the writers had to create original stories and finish what George R.R. Martin failed to finish. The problem with that is, taking source material and adapting it to work on another medium is one thing. Writing a continuation and ending to a story is another.

    Ever notice how virtually all fan-fiction is pure garbage? Ever notice how film sequels that don’t include the original writer or creator of the franchise are almost always an unmitigated disaster? There is a reason for that. In order to continue another’s work in a way that isn’t jarring, disruptive to the audience or incongruent, you have to understand the core material on a deep level. You have to grasp it in a way that rivals the creator’s understanding of their own work and what makes the story the success it was to begin with. That’s much easier said that done.

  5. Not that I even seen an episode of GOT but did the author not give the showrunners the story in broad strokes so they could continue filming?
  6. Not that I even seen an episode of GOT but did the author not give the showrunners the story in broad strokes so they could continue filming?

    I have no idea. Even if he did, leaving it to someone else to flesh out is a recipe for disappointment.

  7. I have no idea. Even if he did, leaving it to someone else to flesh out is a recipe for disappointment.

    I may or may not read the last of the writers books in the series… IF HE LIVES TO MAKE THEM. I was so pissed with his galacial pace but working on other books and posting about his football fandom… all before facebook mind you… that’s how long this has been going on. That he banned me for suggesting he’s a grate writer who hates to write.

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