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AMD users who are planning to upgrade to the AM5 platform this year can rest assured that their motherboards will support multiple generations of Ryzen chips to come.

That’s according to the president and CEO of red team herself, Dr. Lisa Su, who confirmed in a virtual press roundtable with various publications that AM5 should be a “long-lived platform” similar to AM4, which has been on the market for years now. AMD announced the AM4 platform’s first chipsets, the A320, B350, and X370, in early 2017.

“AMD committed to the AM4 platform, the AM4 socket for quite a long time,” asked a member of the press. “Can you guys give us any idea of how long you will stick with AM5?”

“Well, we’ve been extremely pleased with how AM4 has evolved….we said we would keep that socket for a long time and we have,” Su responded. “We continue to believe that it has been good for the community and frankly, it’s been good for us as well. As we bring things along, it was time to do a socket transition for the new I/O in the new technology, but I think strategy-wise, it should be similar.”

“I don’t have an exact number of years but I would say that you should expect that AM5 will be a long-lived platform as AM4 has been. I think we’re expecting AM4 to stay in the marketplace for quite some years and it will be sort of an overlapping type of thing.”

Su confirmed that the AM5 platform and first Ryzen 7000 Series would be available in the second of this year during this week’s AMD 2022 Product Premiere event. The platform will introduce a handful of exciting advancements that include support for the latest generation of memory, DDR5.

Source: PCWorld

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  1. And all the coolers for AM4 will fit AM5. I guess no new waterblocks for me this next round, if I decide to go AM5.

  2. [QUOTE=”Dogsofjune, post: 46334, member: 168″]
    And all the coolers for AM4 will fit AM5. I guess no new waterblocks for me this next round, if I decide to go AM5.
    Same for me. If someone made a 99% silver block, it would probably be worth the cost given how long AM5 is likely to stick around. Toss it on AM4 now, then reuse later.

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