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EA is investigating reports of FIFA Ultimate Team trader accounts getting hacked and being cleaned out. The perpetrators appear to be using a form of identity theft to trick EA staff into giving up email addresses and password reset links via live chat. Up to 100 reports from affected users have been filed so far.

One user going by the name FUT Donkey said they are going to pursue legal action against EA for breaching data protection laws, claiming EA reps gave a random person information about the account, granting them access.

The attackers also appear to be spamming EA support until someone provides the wanted info. FUT Donkey provided a screenshot showing the attempts in their email history.

FUT Donkey also discovered the attacker opened new accounts across the web. From IMDB and Quora to various porn sites, they found numerous new accounts using the stolen credentials. This is despite use of a two-step authenticator app, a very strong password that is changed regularly, and more.

One has likened this to locking their tools in a work van, only for the company to give the keys to a random person on the street. “We’ve been made aware of recent account takeover attempts and are currently investigating,” EA said.

Source: Eurogamer

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