Sony Extending PlayStation 4 Production Due to PS5 Shortage

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Image: Sony

Sony has come up with a new idea to combat PlayStation 5 shortages: making more of its previous-gen console, the PS4.

The news comes from a report from Bloomberg, which pointed out that Sony had planned to discontinue manufacturing PS4 consoles at the end of 2021. Those plans have purportedly changed.

“The strategy would add about a million PS4 units this year to help offset some of the pressure on the company’s PS5 production, a figure that will be adjusted in response to demand,” sources with Bloomberg explained.

“The older console uses less advanced chips, is simpler to make and provides a budget-friendly alternative to the PS5.”

A Sony spokesperson has confirmed that PS4 production would continue this year, calling it “one of the best-selling consoles ever” and adding that “there is always crossover between generations.”

Source: Bloomberg

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