NVIDIA Publishes List of RTX 3050 Cards Available At Launch

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To go along with the launch of the RTX 3050 GPU, NVIDIA sent us over a list of video cards that they expect to be available in the North American channel at launch along with the MSRP of each card. We’ve provided the list below and added links to the product pages if you’d like to check out each of the offerings. We left the formatting as is – we’ll explain our thoughts on the bolded lines next.

BrandProduct NameProduct CodePrice
EVGAXC BLACK GAMING (Our Review Here)08G-P5-3551-KR$249
MSIRTX 3050 Gaming X 8GRTX 3050 Gaming X 8G$379
MSIRTX 3050 Ventus 2X 8G OCRTX 3050 Ventus 2X 8G OC$349
MSIRTX 3050 Aero ITX 8GRTX 3050 Aero ITX 8G$249
ZotacTwin Edge OCZT-A30500H-10M$399
ZotacTwin EdgeZT-A30500E-10M$249

Taking a look at the line ups and the use of bold by the NVIDIA PR folks, it looks a lot like the AIB partners each had their arms twisted to provide at least one card at the RTX 3050 family’s MSRP price point. The good news here is that the cards are being produced, but the yet to be seen news is the production distribution that goes out to to us as the buyers.

We’re also seeing that not all variations announced by manufacturers made it to this list – we’d imagine keeping things simple with 2-3 SKUs helps with production volume and logistics.

The rumor mill has also been suggesting that the RTX 3050 family cards will be easier to find, which may be the case given their relatively weak Ethereum mining performance. However, given that it is still a strong gaming contender at 1080p settings compared to the RX 6500 XT, it’s entirely possible that the street price will settle in $50-100 under the RTX 3060 (which has been going for $700ish) instead of more than half that.

Time will tell if this launch plays out any differently than the last dozen that we’ve seen.

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