Intel Working Hard to Get “Millions” of Arc GPUs to PC Gamers Every Year

Image: Intel

Raja Koduri has confirmed that Intel is working hard to figure out a way to get “millions” of its new discrete Arc graphics products into the hands of gamers every year amid the insufferable GPU shortage.

The statement was prompted by an open letter written by one of PC Gamer’s editors, who pointed out that Intel might be the only way out of the current GPU crisis. Addressed to Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger, the letter brings up numerous problems that frustrated enthusiasts are probably already familiar with, such as retailers allegedly raising prices to exploit customers and increasing MSRPs, even for budget models.

“I’m struggling to see a future where, even when AMD and Nvidia can manufacture as many chips as they wish, they will actively choose to lower the current pricing structure,” a portion of the letter warns. “I can’t see investors being happy to see the currently high margins cut for the benefit of gamers. Especially when those gamers are consistently paying through the nose no matter what price tag is attached to the cards.”

“It’s not in AMD or Nvidia’s interest to change the pricing structure of GPUs for the better. And that means, if there was ever a time for Intel to enter into the graphics card industry, it’s right now. If you can turn up with a range of Arc Alchemist GPUs at the level the leaks are promising, in half-decent volume, and undercut the competition… well, that will instantly win you the hearts and minds of a generation of PC gamers.”

Koduri’s response is a welcome one, but Intel can’t even seem to confirm when its first generation of Arc graphics cards for the desktop, Alchemist, might be shipping.

Source: Raja Koduri

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