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Sony Interactive Entertainment confirmed this week that it would be spending $3.6 billion to acquire Bungie, the developer behind the immensely popular Destiny and Halo series. A slide from Sony’s Q3 2021 earnings report has now revealed that a significant portion of those funds have been reserved as part of a retention incentive plan to ensure that the studio’s talented developers remain at the company and aren’t tempted to retreat elsewhere. The amount, which constitutes $1.2 billion, will be paid out over several years.

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Sony offers Bungie employees $1.2 billion retention incentive plan (TweakTown)

  • Sony says it is prepared to pay 1/3rd of its $3.6 billion buyout proposal, or roughly $1.2 billion, on a long-term incentive plan that will reward Bungie employees who stay with the company.
  • Sony will pay the remainder $2.4 billion for a direct buyout of Bungie’s private shares. The bonus is aimed at keeping Bungie’s current staff intact after the acquisition.
  • Deferred payments are planned across multiple years following the buyout closure. The company is prepared to pay about $792 million in deferred incentive payments in the first two years after the deal ends.

Sony Is Spending 1.2 Billion To Keep Destiny 2 Devs From Leaving (Kotaku)

  • Sony is paying for the people as much as for Destiny 2.
  • To put that number in perspective, Sony paid $229 million for Spider-Man maker Insomniac Games as recently as 2019.
  • While Bungie has more than double the number of employees, at 900 people $1.2 billion still comes out to over $1 million per developer, though obviously some folks at Bungie will get much more while others will get much less.

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