Warner Bros. Sued over The Matrix Resurrections’ Poor Box-Office Performance, HBO Max Streaming Release Blamed

Image: Warner Bros.

The Matrix Resurrections’ disappointing performance at the box office had less to do with the quality of the film and more about its day-and-date streaming release on HBO Max, according to a lawsuit that has been filed against Warner Bros. by Village Roadshow Entertainment, the co-producer behind the fourth installment of the sci-fi action franchise. Filed on Monday, the suit alleges that Warner Bros. knew that premiering the film simultaneously on HBO Max would hurt its profits at theaters but did so anyway in order to boost the amount of premium subscriptions for its relatively young streaming service. Data from Box Office Mojo indicates that The Matrix Resurrections has only made $153,588,078 thus far worldwide, just a portion of what the previous film, The Matrix Revolutions, has achieved since its release in 2003 ($427,344,325).

Image: Box Office Mojo

‘Matrix’ Co-Producer Sues Warner Bros. Over HBO Max Streaming Release (The Wall Street Journal)

  • The suit, which was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on Monday, is the latest indication of growing tensions between factions of the entertainment industry as major media companies give priority to direct-to-consumer streaming over traditional distribution platforms.
  • The studio […] moved the release date of “The Matrix Resurrections” to 2021 from 2022 in an effort to help HBO Max attract more subscribers, the lawsuit alleged.
  • Village Roadshow also alleges that Warner Bros. is attempting to cut the company out of future movies and TV shows based on characters or intellectual property that it has ownership stakes in.

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