Glorious Model O- Wireless Mouse Review

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Glorious is an up-and-coming gaming computer peripherals manufacturer, taking their name from ‘The Glorious PC Gaming Race’. Today we’re taking a look at their recently-released Model O- Wireless, which is a $79.99 wireless entry on the now-classic mid-sized Model O- symmetrical gaming mouse. The O- Wireless joins the larger Model O Wireless, as well as the wireless versions of their ergonomic Model D and Model D- gaming mice, all of which come in unique versions as well. There are black and white versions as well.

Glorious Model O-Wireless front left

All of Glorious’ gaming mouse entries are optimized for lower weight and employ a honeycomb outer shell with internal supports. They all feature RGB lighting and use high-performance proprietary BAMF sensors and gaming-grade switches. All of their mice also keep to the six basic buttons, with the wireless versions adding a power switch on the bottom. They are ideal for small and medium hand sizes.

The Glorious Gaming Mouse Family

Glorious produces the Model O and Model D mouse families. Both families come in their normal and smaller versions (‘minus’ versions), in black and white, and in most cases glossy black and glossy white. Glorious has also produced limited runs in other colors, such as a pastel pink. The glossy versions typically add a gram or two in weight and ten dollars to the MSRP relative to the matte versions, where available.

Our Model O- Wireless is matte white, and came in at $79.99. Glorious mice are available on their website, at online retailers like Amazon and Newegg, and at computer stores like Microcenter.

The Package

Along with the mouse, the Glorious Model O- Wireless ships with an extremely flexible Ascended USB-C cable that allows the mouse to be used while charging, the 2.4GHz wireless dongle, and a USB-A to USB-C coupler that accepts the cable on one side and the wireless dongle on the other.

The Ascended cable is worth particular mention here, as Glorious is one of the few companies that have abandoned stiffer cables for paracord cables that are extremely light and extremely flexible. Assuming that the cable doesn’t get caught or snagged, it’s difficult to notice that it’s there at all.

Glorious Model O- Wireless collage

The Build

Glorious has solely focused on lightweight mice, using their signature honeycomb shell over the internal skeleton approach to mouse construction. Underneath Glorious has used their G-Skates premium mouse feet with a claimed 0.81 PTFE thickness. The size of the feet is the same as the wired version and has been optimized for weight. Replacements are available if the feet ever become worn out.

Being a newer manufacturer, their mice have had issues with rigidity, with some earlier models flexing under pressure to the point that buttons could be activated just by squeezing the mouse the right way. Other potential issues include mouse buttons with rattle, squishy feedback, and excessive pre-and post-travel.

Thankfully, the recently released Model O- Wireless doesn’t have this problem. The mouse body is free of flex and the buttons are crisp all around, with no noticeable rattle when the mouse is shaken.

The Sensor

Glorious has outfitted the Model O- Wireless with their BAMF sensor, which has been developed in collaboration with Pixart. The sensor supports a 1000Hz polling rate and DPI that is programmable up to 19000, resulting in 400 inches per second (IPS) tracking speed.

Sensors are difficult to measure and we used the typical 2200DPI to 3200DPI range while testing, with no changes to sensitivity settings in Windows or in games, which keeps the inputs as direct as possible. We can report that we encountered no tracking issues across a variety of surfaces despite very wild attempts to do so while planning for situational awareness in games.

The Switches

Glorious has used Omron mechanical switches for the Model O- Wireless, which are rated for 20 million clicks. These are industry-standard switches that have been expertly integrated into the mouse. Tactile feedback is crisp and acoustic feedback is a little quieter and higher in tone than the wired O- we have on hand for comparison.

Overall, these are very good switches and stand up to the best that the competition has to offer in terms of feel, feedback, and response.

Size and Weight

On our scale, the Glorious Model O- Wireless hit Glorious’ claimed 65g on the dot, with the included Ascended cable adding another 34g. The maximum width is confirmed at 63mm, though our length measurement overshot Glorious’ 120mm by 2mm – this likely being the result of measuring the trigger button overhang as well as capture perspective. Height was measured at 35mm on the dot as well.


SENSORGlorious BAMF Sensor
SWITCH TYPE (MAIN)Omron®️ Mechanical Switches Rated For 20 Million Clicks
WEIGHT69 grams ± 1.5g
MAX DPI19,000
POLLING RATEDefault 1,000hz (1ms)
CABLE TYPEAscended USB-C Cable (Ultra Flexible)
CABLE LENGTH2m / 6.5 ft
MOUSE FEET TYPEG-Skates Premium Mouse Feet
DEFAULT DPI SETTINGS400 (yellow), 800 (blue), 1600 (red), 3200 (green)
REMAPPABLE DPIYes, (Requires Software)
LED COLOR16.8 million color RGB (8 effects)
OSWindows, Mac, and Linux. USB Port Required
SOFTWAREOptional (For More Settings and Options)
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