PlayStation Productions Debuts New Intro Sequence for Movies and TV Shows

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PlayStation Productions has debuted a new intro animation sequence. The short segment is being shown before the newly released Uncharted movie. Sony has also shared the new intro on social media. In it, gaming fans will, no doubt, recognize such iconic faces as Kratos (God of War) and Aloy (Horizon Zero Dawn), among others. Also included in the montage are characters from The Last of Us, Ratchet & Clank, LittleBigPlanet, and Uncharted.

PlayStation Productions was formed in 2019 to adapt games for TV and film for Sony Pictures. Citing the successes of Marvel as inspiration, the new branch plans to create content that draws upon stories sourced from Sony’s library of more than 100 original properties. Spanning genres from action and adventure to sci-fi, mystery, and horror, there’s plenty of varied content to choose from.

Uncharted marks one of the first major film productions for the new department. When asked if the risk of a movie flop could be damaging to the franchise, Asad Qizilbash (Head of Product, PlayStation Studios, and Head of PlayStation Productions) said it is risky, but he is confident in the film. He’s also stated in a previous interview with the New York Times that there are three goals for PlayStation Productions.

“Grow audience size for games. Bring the product to Sony Pictures. Showcase collaboration.”

Uncharted has already begun its international release, and it will officially open in U.S. theaters on February 18. So far, it has received mixed reviews. The next project to be released in theaters has not been revealed, but it was already announced in 2021 that John Wick’s Chad Stahelski was attached to direct a Ghost of Tsushima movie.

Sony has also continued to expand its fan base with the successful launches of God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn games on PC. Between those launches and forthcoming new games for each franchise, they could easily be next on the schedule. However, film adaptations for each could also require a budget larger than the $120 million allotted to Uncharted; its performance at theaters could play a major factor in Sony’s decisions in moving forward with even more ambitious projects that may require more special effects.

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