Speedrunner Completes Halo Infinite Campaign in under 30 Minutes

Image: 343 Industries

A speedrunner named Sasquatch has managed to complete the Halo Infinite campaign in under 30 minutes on the Legendary difficulty setting. It is not uncommon for such feats, as players find ways to exploit things that have eluded the QA teams and developers. In 2021, speedrunners beat Hitman 3‘s Dubai level in under 10 seconds using a number of known tricks. Halo Infinite developers Mika Little (Gameplay Designer), Brian Traugott (Lead Level Designer), and Caleb Doughty (Game Designer) were guests on IGN’s Devs React series and witnessed the expedited playthrough together.

The team was in good spirits as they watched the player take advantage of various bugs and exploits in the game. At one point they even joked how the elevator rides seemed to be one of the few things hindering the player’s speedy progress the most. It was humorously added that perhaps slowing the elevator speeds by 50% could perhaps slow future speed runs down even further.

The developers immediately recognized a technique called coil jumping, which allowed the Master Chief to effectively jump through level walls. Another technique that caught their attention was the use of the grappling hook zip line. Evidently, when engaged at an extreme angle, it allows the Master Chief to bypass enemies and areas with ease. Other exploits included teleportation and specific types of punching.

While watching the video, the guys take the time to enjoy seeing the game played and shared some insights into various challenges during its development. Although the player used tricks that were discovered during development, they were still surprised by how efficiently and easily the player executed them. It is also obvious that no ill will was felt in seeing the game beat so quickly. They also said that there is work being done on patching out some of the exploits. At the end of the video, all give praise to Sasquatch for the impressive run.

Peter Brosdahl
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