PlayStation 5 Pro with Double the Performance Rumored for 2023/2024 Release

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Still can’t find a PlayStation 5? You might just want to wait for the rumored revision, as RedGamingTech has claimed that the PS5 Pro may not only be released in as early as 2023 or 2024, but that it will boast a pretty impressive improvement in the performance department. RedGamingTech goes into a lot more detail in his video below (TSMC 4 nm?), but his key claims are that the updated version of the PS5 will be twice as fast in rasterization and 2.5x as fast in ray tracing. Sony is also purportedly working on an advanced reconstruction technique that was developed in-house (i.e., it isn’t AMD FSR 2.0).

Playstation 5 Pro Is COMING – PS5 Pro Performance, Ray Tracing Innovations, Release Date & Specs (RedGamingTech)

In this EXCLUSIVE, we discuss our info on the Playstation 5 Pro. We have tons of info on the PS5 Pro mid gen console upgrade, including the PS5 Pro performance, ray tracing innovations, release date and specs. With the PS5 next gen console a HUGE improvement in hardware specifications, gaming performance and features such as ray tracing, what improvements could we expect for the Playstation 5 Pro? There are numerous elements that could be improved, such as the APU (or GPU and CPU if you prefer), improvements to the architecture and of course a new process from TSMC.

We discuss the PS5 Pro specs, the performance improvements for both gaming and ray tracing, the expected release date for the Playstation 5 Pro and more. But what about Microsoft? Will they also be answering with their own improved Xbox Series X?

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