DeepCool AK400 CPU Cooler Review

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OC Testing

For our OC testing, we have configured our CPU to run 4100MHz on all cores and set the voltage to 1.3875V. This yields an approximate power at the wall of 255w under load (a 197w differential from idle, which pulls about 58w). This results in the CPU running at 4.1GHz on all cores during the looping rounds of Cinebench R20.

Max Fans

DeepCool AK400 max RPM fan overclocked temperature testing

Running our HSFs at full tilt leads to the DeepCool AK400 posting a temperature of 81 degrees Celsius which is a few degrees behind the Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4’s 77.38 and 78 respective degrees Celsius. The SilverStone AR01 V3 brought up the rear at 83.75 degrees Celsius.

We noted that the max fan speed on the DeepCool AK400 topped out at 1850RPM, the Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO topped out at 2050 RPM, and the SilverStone AR01 V3 topped out at 2150RPM, and the be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4 has the lowest max fan rpm at 1500 RPM.

1500 RPM Fans

DeepCool AK400 1500RPM fan overclocked temperature testing

At the 1500 RPM fan speed, the DeepCool AK400 managed 83 degrees Celsius. Impressively enough, it did not head to the pub for a drink like it did with the SilverStone AR01 V3 when it got too hot. The Dark Rock Pro 4 and Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO cooled better at this fan speed by a good margin.

1000 & 600 RPM Fans

At the 1000 RPM fan speed, the DeepCool AK400 let the temperature get up over 90 degrees Celsius before the system crashed and burned (Ed: Was there actual burning?). We obviously did not test 600 RPM fan speeds due to the 1000 RPM results.

Now that we have seen how all of our units cool, let’s see if we can still hear!

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