Hitman 3 Game Director Leaves IO Interactive to Direct Crysis 4 for Crytek

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Image: Crytek

Crytek has revealed that Mattias Engström has left IO Interactive to direct the fourth mainline installment of its sci-fi FPS franchise, Crysis 4. Engström was responsible for directing the most recent and final entry of IO’s world of assassination trilogy, Hitman 3, and he also had a hand in designing some of the levels for the rebooted series’ first two installments. Crytek has shared little regarding Crysis 4 so far, but the teaser announcement it shared in January seems to confirm that players will once again be able to don a powerful Nanosuit to “become the hero.”

While he was only a game director at IO Interactive for three years, Engström spent much longer at the studio, having worked their since 2014. He previously spent almost ten years at Massive Entertainment, from 2004 to 2014, while the studio was developing games such as Assassin’s Creed: Revelations and Far Cry 3.

Source: Crysis (via IGN)

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