Here’s How a Portal Remake Could Look in Unreal Engine 5 with Ray Tracing

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Image: Alf Does Stuff

It’s unclear when (or even if) Valve will ever stop swimming in its Steam cash pool long enough to make time for a Portal 3, but artist and YouTuber Alf Does Stuff has shared a look at how a new installment of the endearing puzzle-platform series could look on newer technology. Developed as a school project and to generate interest for a potential remake of Valve’s unforgettable 2007 original, Alf Does Stuff’s video demonstrates how amazing the Aperture Science Enrichment Center and its facilities could look running on Epic Games’ newest engine, Unreal Engine 5, with ray tracing effects enabled. The video serves as a next-generation slice of Test Chamber 00, Portal’s iconic first level that introduces players to GLaDOS, the series’ rampant AI.

Made for a university project, each asset was recreated from the ground up with new models and textures. Creative liberty was taken in some aspects to improve the fidelity of the models as the originals could be of very low quality and hard to replicate.

Some assets such as the walls and doors were taken inspiration from Portal 2. I admit it’s not perfect and is missing a few things but I was on a time crunch and unfortunately didn’t have time to do everything.

Source: Alf Does Stuff

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