PlayStation 5 Pro and Updated Xbox Series X|S Consoles to Support 8K Gaming, Predicts TCL

Image: Microsoft

Sony and Microsoft are definitely planning to release new versions of their current-generation consoles, and not only that, they’ll receive substantially more powerful hardware that allows them to output games at resolutions beyond 4K. This is according to a new presentation shared by TV manufacturer TCL, which included a slide offering expectations of what the PlayStation 5 Pro and updated Xbox Series S|X consoles might be capable of. TCL believes that both of these systems will release in 2023 or 2024 and be capable of displaying games at 8K UHD at frames rates of 60 to 120 FPS. An AMD Radeon RX 7700 XT GPU is listed as part of the company’s predicted specifications.

Image: TCL

TCL has made some bold predictions on possible PS5 Pro and Xbox X/S Pro spec targets. The company postulates the consoles could deliver 8K 60FPS output and up to 4K 120FPS rendering, which is a pretty tall order for dedicated video games hardware. The so-called Gen 9.5 seems like it would performance befit of an actual generational leap rather than a mid-cycle refresh.

Microsoft has officially confirmed it is working on new Xbox consoles. Sony is expected to switch the PlayStation 5 to TSMC’s more efficient N6 node sometime in 2022 to meet a massive 18 million shipment target.

Source: PPE (via TweakTown)

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