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PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan is expecting supply issues for the PS5 to end by 2024. The console started strong in 2021, quickly outselling the PS4 and going on to beat Nintendo, but it has struggled with sales targets due to supply restraints. A recent earnings revealed that PS5 missed its sales goal by 3.3 million units. Sony is now working on sourcing from multiple suppliers and improving logistical options to meet demands. Sales for the PS5 will close the gap by 2023, but it is not expected to be at full production levels until its fourth year of release.

Image: Sony

Source: Sony (via Eurogamer)

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  1. So which one is better the big xbox or the PS5
    Define "better".

    There aren't that many technical differences between the two any more. Sure, some, but not huge and none that create a big disparity in the gaming experience.

    The biggest differences:

    A) Which one do you have friends on, there isn't a lot of cross-play
    B) Game library - huge difference there if you look past what platform your friends are on. Counts for both past purchases (for backwards compatibility) and types of games you like to play
    C) Which one can you find to buy?
  2. Hardware-wise and internal-design-wise I prefer the Xbox Series X. The system is a teeny bit more powerful than PS5 but basically almost exactly the same. The differences between the two are extremely negligible. Of course Microsoft's system fully conforms to the DirectX 12.2 ("DX12 Ultimate") spec. Also the Xbox consoles have way better support for VRR, and they also support 1440p. XBSX I guess has a more boring external visual design, but PS5 is too garish and weird-lookin' for me (and it is also way too dang large). However the whole point of buying a system is for the exclusive games available only on that system. That's one of the main reasons PS4 came out on top during 8th-gen. Microsoft doesn't really have any hard-hitting exclusives, but on the plus side, everything they got comes out on PC, so there's no need to even buy their console hardware to begin with. Although with more and more Sony IPs hitting PC, I hoping this generation there won't be a need to buy the PS5 either.

    I have no idea which one of the two systems is easier to find these days. I think maybe XBSX? I've heard of more instances of people being able to walk into stores and find one, whereas people still have to bust their @sses off trying to get their hands on a PS5. That said, most of my friends who were in the market for a 9th-gen system have a PS5. I do have 3 friends with an XBSX, but one of those also has a PS5. One of those friends was able to just walk into a store and buy his XBSX. The other ordered it off of Microsoft's website with virtually no issues.
  3. So which one is better the big xbox or the PS5
    Performance wise if you are targetting 60fps game play, then both are equivalent (or PS5 slightly better)

    Otoh, if you are targetting 30fps with max native resolution then the xbox comes on top with slightly better resolution.
  4. I’ve seen both the Xboxes in stock at various places over the last 6-8 weeks. It isn’t steady, but it isn’t instantly selling out any longer. I did pick one up for a 4K Blu-ray player, haven’t really played anything on it though.

    PS5 - not as such, still instantly selling out, and lately the drops seem to have slowed down. Makes me think they are banking inventory to try to do a big push soon.

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