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Call of Duty’s RICOCHET anti-cheat has been updated to include a Disarm mitigation technique, one that prevents cheaters from using their weapons, including their fists. Previous techniques include Damage Shield, which reduces a cheater’s damage to a minimum, and Cloaking, which turns a player invisible against cheaters. The team behind the software has seen an “ebb and flow” in cheating since RICOCHET debuted in October 2021 but continues to combat it.

Today we’re sharing another mitigation technique from our toolbox: Disarm. Like the name implies, when cheaters are detected, we simply take their weapons away from them (including their fists).

We don’t expect many clips of this to find their way online, but we have seen it in action and the reactions from cheaters are always priceless.

Problem: Cheaters have any level of lethality

Response: Put cheaters in time out

Source: Call of Duty (via PC Gamer)

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