DEEPCOOL MG510 Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

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Today we’re taking a look at the DeepCool MG510, the wireless entry in DeepCool’s three-mouse lineup. The MG510 is a medium-sized ambidextrous mouse with a standard six-button configuration and solid top shell. Coming in at US$69.99 (Amazon), the MG510 represents a solidly middle-of-the-road mouse at a middle-of-the-road price.

DeepCool MG510 Wireless Gaming Mouse rear left with lighting

The DeepCool MG510

DeepCool has used a lightweight solid shell for the body of the MG510. Omron switches are employed for the buttons and have been integrated into the mouse for a crisp experience, while the mouse wheel operates smoothly and is very grippy but does sit a bit low. The mouse feels solid all-around, and the Pixart PAW3370 sensor performs flawlessly as expected.

The MG510 is a mid-sized mouse, being slightly longer and wider than the smallest common gaming mice, but is differentiated by its taller stature. DeepCool states that it is designed for a palm grip, and although perhaps it is, we found it equally comfortable with a fingertip grip as well.

As is common with gaming-oriented mice, lighting is included – but thankfully the lighting can be toggled off completely using a three-position switch on the bottom of the mouse. And unlike most six-button mice, the MG510 uses the button behind the mouse wheel to cycle lighting modes rather than DPI. Instead, a dedicated DPI button is included on the bottom of the mouse, along with a ‘Report’ button for changing the report (polling) rate. Thankfully the top auxiliary button can be remapped to loop DPI settings.

The Package

DeepCool ships the MG510 in standard retail packaging. Absent gaming flair and really any reference to gaming aside from the word itself, DeepCool may be attempting to make the MG510 stand out by not standing out – and as sedate as the packaging is relative to some gaming-oriented offerings, the clean styling comes off as refreshing.

Shipped with the MG510 itself are the cable which is used to charge the mouse, the 2.4GHz dongle, and a USB-A to USB-C coupler to connect the wireless dongle to the cable if desired. The cable is braided and a little stiffer than the most flexible cables available, but certainly works well enough for wired use – which shouldn’t be necessary too often.

The Build

When pressed on any side, or squeezed on any two, the MG510 yields no noticeable give. Props, where it’s due, at 83g, claimed and 86g measured, DeepCool has managed to produce a stout lightweight mouse. And while the MG510 does fall a bit short in premium-feeling and looking materials, the overall package works well with plenty of grip and intuitive ergonomics.

On the bottom of the mouse, the moderately-sized PTFE mouse feet sit along the front and rear edges of the mouse. Not the largest feet we’ve seen, but plenty for the weight of the MG510.

Also note the three-position switch, which in addition to turning the mouse off and on, allows for silencing the onboard lighting entirely. This may well please those that prefer their input devices to not draw attention to themselves, but it also serves the purpose of limiting battery drain.

The Sensor

As stated above, DeepCool has used Pixart’s PAW3370 sensor for the MG510. The 19000 available DPI range is as effective as always, keeping up with both snappy and precise movements equally. We do want to note that the PAW3370 is a widely-used and widely-understood sensor and that the default expectation is a performance that is exceptional.

For a mouse review, quantifying a mouse that uses a PAW3370 is less an exercise of determining performance limits and more an examination of the manufacturer’s integration of the sensor into the mouse and any associated software package(s). Happily, no deviations from the baseline set by other mice using this sensor were noted – DeepCool has employed the PAW3370 in the MG510 flawlessly.

The Switches

For the switches, DeepCool has used another industry-standard component source – Omron mechanical switches rated for 20 million clicks. These are industry-standard switches that have been properly integrated into the mouse. Tactile feedback is crisp and acoustic feedback is surprisingly normal, more in line with your average OEM mouse.

And we do want to emphasize crispness here. Regardless of the switch used, tactile annoyances such as pre-travel or post-travel, or mushy feedback especially on the thumb buttons, can occur in final products. For those looking for a responsive mousing experience, DeepCool has you covered with the MG510.

The Cable

One concern that we do need to mention is that DeepCool has opted to ‘key’ the MG510s USB-C port as well as the cable. Perhaps this results in a sturdier connection, but the real issue is that neither the cable nor the mouse can readily be used with other cables and devices. Only devices that have flush USB-C ports can use the cable shipped with the MG510, and only USB-C cables with very slim connectors can be used to connect or charge the MG510.

Further, this is really only a concern in terms of having a spare cable for the mouse, should the original cable be misplaced or damaged. A spare will need to be selected appropriately or modified to fit in the MG510s recessed USB-C port.

Battery Life

With an industry-standard sensor and a 700mAH battery, the MG510 can last several days with lighting on, or over a week with the lighting off. Along with the stiff shell, the large battery capacity ensures that the MG510 has impressive endurance.

Size and Weight

On our scale, DeepCool’s MG510 came in about three grams over the claimed weight, which is within a 10% margin of error. At 86g measured, the MG510 is still a lighter-weight mouse, especially for its size and lack of weight-reducing holes.

Speaking of size, while the MG510 isn’t especially long at 124mm or wide at 65mm, the mid-centered arch of 39mm does make for a larger feeling mouse.


SENSORPixart PAW3370 Optical
SWITCH TYPE (MAIN)Omron®️ Mechanical Switches Rated For 20 Million Clicks
NUMBER OF BUTTONS6 assignable, dedicated polling rate and DPI buttons on mouse bottom
WEIGHT83 grams claimed, 86 grams measured
DIMENSIONS124 (L) x 65 (W) x 39(H)mm
MAX DPI19,000
POLLING RATE125, 250, 500, 1000Hz
CABLE TYPEFlexible braided
CABLE LENGTH1.8m / 6 ft
REMAPPABLE DPIYes, (Requires Software)
LED COLOR16.8 million color RGB (8 presets, RGB inputs)
OSWindows software
SOFTWAREOptional (For More Settings and Options)
WARRANTYUS 1 year / EU 2 years

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