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Today we took a look at DeepCool’s latest wireless gaming mouse, the MG510 Wireless Gaming Mouse. The MG510 has an MSRP of US$69.99, putting it well below the range of entry-level name-brand wireless mice pricing.

As DeepCool has used industry mainstay Omron switches and a sensor from Pixart, the subject of this review is judged largely on how well DeepCool put the whole package together.

FPS Gaming

Despite the reserved styling, DeepCool endowed the packaging of the MG510 with, the mouse is definitely designed and equipped with gaming in mind. And as the overall integration of the mouse is stellar, especially how well the buttons mate with the Omron switches, there’s no major complaint to be had. Most users will be able to take the MG510 out of the box, hook up the USB wireless dongle, and resume gaming without missing a beat.

General Use

When rating a gaming mouse for desktop use outside of gaming, one of the main things to note is not how good a mouse is for spreadsheets and the like – but whether or not a focus on gaming performance inhibits desktop use.

With the typical six-button layout common to most gaming mouse entries, the DeepCool MG510 doesn’t stand out as being overly more or less suited for desktop work than the typical Dell, HP, or Lenovo OEM mouse. It’s larger than most OEM mice, to be sure, but as it isn’t an ultralight design, the MG510 is at home on the desktop as it is during frantic gaming sessions.

Wireless Use

DeepCool has used a proprietary 2.4GHz connection for the MG510, which is the typical and safest route – a USB dongle is needed, but the latency of Bluetooth is absent and the mouse performs as if wired.

Battery life was also excellent, lasting through a week’s worth of use – or perhaps more – and the dedicated ‘dark’ setting is welcome. However, battery life must be monitored through the MG510 Wireless software, and the awkwardly shaped USB-C port do make wireless use potentially annoying if traveling.

Finally, and perhaps attributing to the longer than expected battery life, the MG510 goes into a hard-coded deep sleep when left alone for a period of time, and does not wake up until a button is pressed. This initially caught us off guard and had us wondering if there was a fault with the mouse, but use over time demonstrated the MG510 waking up reliably after a single button press.

Room for Improvement

We don’t want to take away from the excellent overall package that DeepCool is providing with the MG510 – however, there are some things that we do want to mention.

The first is the USB-C port. Having a port that is recessed and needing either the stock cable or one selected for having a very narrow housing is the very opposite of the universal spirit that USB-C espouses. Likewise having a USB-C cable with an awkward keying. We do understand the desire to produce a mouse and cable solution that mates solidly and does not easily disconnect under use – we just expect manufacturers to find a solution that doesn’t wrap a universal port in a nearly proprietary socket.

Second, we’d love to have the option to have a lightweight resident application to monitor battery life. Bonus points if a taskbar icon that showed battery charge in its tooltip, if it could alert the user when low, and finally if it could be reported to the operating system.

Finally, while having self-updating software and firmware update functionality would be nice, so would the ability to sync mouse lighting. The various RGB ecosystems are already largely incompatible, and the entry of ever more players with incompatible software/firmware only further accentuates that point.

Final Points

At $69.99, the DeepCool MG510 Wireless presents a great value for a wireless gaming mouse and one that’s definitely worth considering.

If you are looking for a midsized wireless gaming mouse with snappy buttons and long battery life, DeepCool has a compelling option in the MG510 wireless. Flawless integration of industry-standard components in a solid shell earns DeepCool’s MG510 the FPS Review Silver Award.

The FPS Review Silver Award
DeepCool MG510 Wireless Gaming Mouse 2022

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