FPS Review 2022 Prime Day Picks

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It’s that time of year where Amazon opens the flood gates to tons of deals, so we’ve taken the time to sift through them to see if we can find anything for our readers of interest. Note that the Prime Day discounts are not reflected in the dynamic price, but once you click through it’ll show you how low they go.

We will be updating these as the deals fall off and new ones appear – let us know in the comments if you find anything worth adding or if a deal is dead.

Please note that if you purchase something from these links, we will likely earn a commission (at no additional cost to you).

Video Cards

ASUS TUF Gaming NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 Ti OC

Weighing in at a $300 discount to the Founders Edition MSRP, this is the one of the best deals of this generation.

ASUS TUF Gaming AMD Radeon RX 6800 OC

The RX 6800 is a solid entrant from team red that often performs favorably against the RTX 3070 and has been difficult to find until lately. While it’s still at a premium over the reference AMD card, it’s still $100 off its normal price today.

ZOTAC Gaming GeForce RTX 3090 Trinity OC 24GB

At $140 below the RTX 3090 Founders Edition MSRP for a factory overclocked RTX 3090 isn’t all that bad. We reviewed the stock clocked model of this card as well.

ZOTAC Gaming GeForce RTX 3080 Ti AMP Holo 12GB

Zotac is offering its RTX 3080 Ti AMP Holo for $150 off its typical going price. Not too bad for a custom cooled three fan design!

Power Supplies

Corsair RM850x 850w Gold PSU

This 850w is $13.50 off it’s normal price – not necessarily a steal, but if you’re in the market for a unit that can handle current gaming rigs, this should do well.

Corsair RM1000x 1000w Gold PSU

Moving up to 1000w, this unit is $18.50 off today and from what we’ve seen, the extra wattage may come in handy with future generation cards.


ASUS has taken $30 off the normal price of their 1000w ROG STRIX PSU. We reviewed the 750w version of it and enjoyed it.


Punching up to the 1200w level, ASUS has taken $60 off this Platinum PSU. We reviewed the 850w version and enjoyed it.


2TB Samsung 980 Pro

Samsung has taken $50 off their blazing fast 2TB 980 Pro PCIe 4.0 NVME SSD for the version that includes a heatsink – perfect for you if your motherboard doesn’t already have that covered.

2TB WD Black SN850

While the Samsung deal is good, this WD deal is even better, bringing the Gen4 NVME drive under $200 for 2TB and a heatsink.


MSI MAG Z690 Tomahawk Wifi DDR4 Motherboard

We’ve got one of these in the bunker for testing right now, but for today, MSI is bumping $40 off this board which makes it a great value play to upgrade to Alder Lake while still using your DDR4 memory.


AMD Ryzen 9 5900X CPU

This is the best price we’ve seen on the 5900X, $35 under its most recent going price. We reviewed it and compared it to the 3900X.

Intel Core i5-12600KF

Intel shaved $30 off the going price of the 12600-KF retail box CPU, which is the same as the 12600-K that we reviewed minus an on board iGPU.


Corsair’s iCue 4000X RGB Mid-Tower Case

This is a cousin to the 4000D that we previously reviewed and offered at a price lower than we have seen – $12.50 off its normal price.

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