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PlayStation surprised many gamers yesterday when it announced that it would be raising the pricing of the PS5 in select regions, but it seems that the competition won’t be following suit.

Per a statement from a company spokesperson received by Windows Central, Microsoft has confirmed that it will not be raising the prices for the Xbox Series X and Series S. These consoles cost $499 and $299, respectively.

“We are constantly evaluating our business to offer our fans great gaming options,” the statement reads. “Our Xbox Series S suggested retail price remains at $299 (£250, €300) the Xbox Series X is $499 (£450, €500).”

Not too long after, Nintendo followed up with a similar statement, clarifying that it has no immediate plans to change the price of its current hardware.

As our president Mr. Furukawa stated at the 82nd Annual General Meeting of Shareholders in June:

“While we cannot comment on pricing strategies, we currently do not have any plans to change the price of our hardware due to inflation or increased procurement costs in each country. We will determine our future pricing strategies through careful and continued deliberations.”

While the final price to consumers is always determined by retailers, as Mr. Furukawa stated, Nintendo has no plans to increase the trade price of its hardware.

The Nintendo Switch costs $299.99, while the newer OLED model is priced higher at $349.99 for reasons that include its much better display.

Sony revealed yesterday that the PS5 would be getting a price increase in at least seven markets, including Europe, Japan, and Australia. Canada is also included, with the PS5 with Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive increasing to CAD $649.99 and the PS5 Digital Edition increasing to CAD $519.99.

Sources: Windows Central, Eurogamer

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  1. I mean... Nintendo could and people would still pay it bc Nintendo. Sony knows the PS5 is in ultra high demand and short supply. I'm honestly a little shocked they didn't do this already. Xbox X are everywhere if you want one.
  2. Nintendo has always been pretty sensitive on price for the hardware, because they know you only buy one of those, while they utterly rape you on the games that you buy a bunch of.

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