Valve Product Designer Confirms Many Games in Development and There’s More to Say about the Half-Life World

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Valve product designer Greg Coomer has said the company is working on many new games and it still has an interest in the Half-Life world. Valve is riding high with the successful launch of the Steam deck but not much has been said about its game development projects. Half-Life is one of Valve’s most popular franchises and fans have been asking for another game for a long time. Half-Life: Alyx proved to be a success on the VR front further expanding the world. When asked about it and making more Half-Life games Greg expressed how fun it was fun to make the VR game but that Valve still has more to say about the Half-Life world.

We love that world and want to continue exploring the Half-Life universe.

Half-Life: Alyx was a really fun game to make. Even for us who worked on that world, it’s still fun to go back there and tell more stories.

Also, there are many challenges in virtual reality, and it was an interesting task to solve them. Half-Life works are always accompanied by technological innovation, so it was a big step in that sense as well.

Coming back to the original question, the short answer is “yes”. Half-Life: Alyx is a sign that Valve has more to say about that world.

More games in development

Valve previously said that Half-Life: Alyx marked the return to that world but has largely been silent about further projects since. Although Greg didn’t provide any title details he did confirm that Valve has a large number of employees working in game development.

Valve has a lot of games in development. We will continue to release games.

Game development is very important to Valve. I don’t know the exact numbers, but the percentage of employees involved in game development is high. A lot of people are involved.

Valve’s return to Portal?

Greg said he’d like to make more Portal games but couldn’t announce if any are in development.

But that’s not all, and Valve thinks there are a lot of Portals that should be made in the future. That world deserves further exploration. So I don’t have anything to announce right now, but I would like to make another Portal someday.

Even if Valve isn’t officially announcing any new titles in development, yet, it is clear they are planning more games for the future.

Source: Famitsu

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