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One of the key members of the PlayStation team, Masayasu Ito, will be leaving Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) next month.

  • Ito, the 60-year-old hardware architect and executive vice president of SIE, will leave his post on October 1, Sony told Bloomberg News.
  • His career spans nearly four decades at Sony, having joined in 1986 to work on in-car audio equipment before moving on to the company’s console division in 2000.
  • Ito ultimately led the engineering efforts for the PS4 and PS5, and he also helped bring the PS4 Pro model to market.
  • He will have a mobility-related assignment at Sony from October and continue to support SIE’s Platform Experience Group until March 2023.

From a Bloomberg report:

The PS5 has been plagued by supply chain and logistics snarls since its debut in November 2020. Before the launch, Ito wrote on the PlayStation Blog about the challenges of developing the console through the pandemic. Part of the initial difficulty in assembling sufficient units had to do with Sony’s ambitious custom design for the console and its components, which led to production yield challenges for chip supplier Advanced Micro Devices Inc.

“Our team values a well thought out, beautifully designed architecture,” Ito wrote about Sony’s engineering philosophy in the blog post. “Inside the console is an internal structure looking neat and tidy.”

Source: Bloomberg

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