Windows 11 2022 Update Causing Stuttering, Lower Frame Rates, and Other Game-Related Issues for Some Users

Image: Xbox

Gamers may want to avoid installing Windows 11 22H2 for the time being, as the new update for Microsoft’s modern operating system may result in significantly reduced gaming performance. Some are claiming that the update results in stuttering in games, while others are reporting lower frame rates. The issue doesn’t seem to be hardware related, as several users claim that they were able to solve their issues by rolling back to a previous Windows 11 update.

From ChoPT on reddit:

I was having serious performance hitches, both on the desktop and especially in gaming (this completely broke gsync as well). Drops to ~30fps randomly from ~120, in non-graphically intense tests. Screen tearing like crazy. I have a VERY powerful system (12700k, 3080 Ti, DDR5 ram), so it’s not a hardware issue, and I tried turning all the new graphics settings off as well, so it wasn’t that either. I think it’s something under the hood that I just couldn’t figure out.

From Nahthe77 on reddit:

Like some people already said, I have been experiencing insane stuttering in games. My CPU usage in games have dropped down significantly, in some from 80% to 5%. Just went back to the last update and my in game experience is much better. I would recommend waiting for them to fix that before updating.”

Similar reports can be found on Microsoft’s own forums, with one user complaining about how CPU usage dropped to 5% during gaming after they installed Windows 11 22H2, “causing huge lag.” NVIDIA has also requested information so they can look into the issue.

Microsoft began rolling out the Windows 11 2022 Update on Tuesday, offering an updated version of the OS with various new features, including a tabbed File Explorer. The update also includes a new Controller bar, optimizations for windowed games, and new HDR calibration options for gamers.

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