Horizon MMORPG in Development at Lineage Studio NCsoft: Report

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Horizon is getting the MMORPG treatment, according to a new report that suggests an MMORPG inspired by Guerrilla Games’ post-apocalyptic action-adventure franchise is in development at Korean studio NCsoft. News of the alleged project stems from local outlet MTN, whose sources have stated that Sony and NCsoft, best known for the Lineage and Guild Wars MMORPGs, has entered into a partnership for a project that leverages the popular Horizon IP. Horizon Forbidden West, the latest installment of the series, was released in February 2022 for PS4 and PS5 consoles, while Horizon Call of the Mountain, a VR title currently in development at Guerrilla and Firesprite for PlayStation VR2, is set for release alongside the headset in 2023.

“NC and NC have tentatively agreed to promote a business partnership to create a new game using Sony’s promising game IP. NCsoft’s internal development team is making it,” a source familiar with Sony and NCsoft said.

“After starting game development, discussions are underway in the form of ‘pre-development and post-negotiation’ in which the two companies discuss collaboration and business partnership. There is a possibility that it will lead to a comprehensive partnership such as development,” he added.

From an MTN report (machine translation):

NCsoft is developing a new game using the IP (intellectual property) of Sony’s flagship game franchise ‘Horizon’. NC and Sony are promoting IP (intellectual property) collaboration to target the global game market, and the collaboration between the two companies is finally completed, drawing attention to whether NC will succeed in targeting the global market by removing its focus on ‘Lineage’ IP.

It has been confirmed that the ‘H’ seed development team under the Lineage IP Business Headquarters is developing a new ‘Horizon’ IP within NCsoft. H Seed is recruiting developers to participate in the project through job postings. As the partnership with Sony has not yet been confirmed as an ‘official’, job announcements are made in the form of ‘Project H developer recruitment’.

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