MSI Project 491C QD-OLED 240 Hz Ultrawide Monitor Teased Ahead of Its CES 2023 Debut

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Image: MSI

MSI has teased its upcoming Project 491C QD-OLED gaming display on its social media page where it is promising to officially unveil it at CES 2023. There were not a lot of details shared for the new gaming monitor other than that it features a 240 Hz quantum dot OLED curved panel and presumably, is 49 inches wide.

More than likely this uses the same Samsung technology used in various other brands’ recent ultrawide QD-OLED offerings. We have seen multiple UW-QHD curved displays using QD-OLED technology throughout 2022 and now it is being implemented with newer features for 2023 but, so far, these have been 34 inches wide and this would be the world’s first 49-inch iteration. Those 34-inch versions all featured a panel with a resolution of 3,440 x 1,440 resolution, Quantum Dot OLED, 175 Hz refresh rate, 1800R Curvature, and 1ms GTG. Some of their main differences are price, ports, stands, and type of VRR support.

34 Inch QD-OLED Curved Gaming Monitors

Although it is not known what the resolution for the MSI Project 491C will be, the resolution for 49-inch monitors have typically been 5,120 x 1,440. It is also probable that it will feature HDR and some kind of VRR support.

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