Elden Ring Sets Record as Being the Most Completed, and Most Retired, Game of 2022

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Image: FromSoftware

FromSoftware has achieved an interesting conundrum as Elden Ring sets new records for both the most completed and the most retired game of 2022. Gaming statistics site HowLongToBeat (via Kotaku) has charted the game as taking the lead in the two opposing categories but also showing in many others. HowLongToBeat currently has just over four hundred thousand members and players can report on a multitude of gaming details such as completed, quit (retired), progress, reviews, ratings, etc. Its base may not perhaps be as large as Steam but it does allow an interesting perspective of various statistics. The platform ratio of users shows an almost even split between console and PC and even includes Mac, mobile, and browser-based, players.

Image: HowLongToBeat

As of now, Elden Ring sits with 6,000 players reporting they’ve completed the game, number one in that category, but then also number one as the game most retired with 271 players reporting they stopped playing before completing it. However, much like how it managed to take home multiple awards at more than one award ceremony, it is also number one in more categories; most backlogged at 3,200, most reviewed at 2,100, and listed as the longest game at 107 hours. Other categories where it was at least in the top five games listed included: most speed runs, best rated, top-played, and most popular.

Awards and Copies Sold

It shouldn’t come as such a surprise that the game shows up on so many different categories, even when they seem to contradict each other, since it too set records in other ways. Elden Ring managed to sell 16.6 million units during its first four months of release but then also take home multiple awards at The Game Awards (including GOTY) and the Golden Joystick Awards (including Ultimate GOTY). The action-RPG game has reportedly accounted for roughly one-third of publisher Bandai Namco’s $7.36 billion revenue. Bandai Namco also saw a 135% profit increase over its previous year. As Elden Ring sets more records sales are slowing and as of November it has now sold over 17.5 million copies.

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