Cloud Streaming for PS5 Games Is Reportedly Coming Very Soon

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PlayStation 5 owners will be able to play PS5 titles without downloading and installing them first in the very near future. That’s according to a new report from Insider Gaming, whose sources claim that Sony will be releasing a major update (version 7.00) for PS5 on March 8, 2023, that not only adds Discord integration but enables cloud streaming for PS5 games. A public beta for the update will supposedly be available as soon as this month.

From an Insider Gaming report:

In addition to the Discord integration, sources have revealed that PlayStation 5 games will also be streamable on the PlayStation 5 via cloud streaming (to save that all-important drive space). It was said that this feature will be included in the PlayStation Plus Premium Tier. The feature, under the project name “Cronus” has been in development and testing for a number of months, sources revealed.

Insider Gaming also understands that the public Beta for the Playstation 5 7.00 update will start in the coming days, with the completion date ending on January 30. However, sources said that beta testers will not be able to use the discord integration functionality during this Beta.

The ability to stream PS5 games may be a welcome addition for owners who haven’t installed a secondary SSD yet and want to maximize the disk space that’s available in their consoles. As for Discord, integration of the popular chat service was teased for PlayStation back in May 2021, with Jim Ryan, President & CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, explaining how it had invested in the company to bring the two brands closer together.

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