Resident Evil 4 Tops U.S. Sales Charts in March 2023 as PS5 Sales Surpass PS4 on a Time-Aligned Basis with 800,000+ Units Sold Last Month

Image: Capcom

Capcom’s Resident Evil 4 remake was the best-selling game in the U.S. in March 2023, according to the latest data shared by Mat Piscatella, Executive Director of Circana (IRI/NPD) and video game industry analyst. Hogwarts Legacy was the best seller in February 2023, and while it’s been knocked to second place by Resident Evil fans, overall sales of the action RPG from Warner Bros. Games and Avalanche Software appear to remain strong, with it still being the best-selling game of 2023. PlayStation users should also know that Sony managed to sell over 811,000 PS5 consoles in March 2023, per VGChartz’ estimates, a number that has led Piscatella and the publication to report that PS5 is selling even better than the PS4 based on their sales performance over a similar period.

From a VGChartz report:

The PlayStation 5 was the best-selling console in the Americas (USA, Canada, & Latin America) with 811,288 units sold for March 2023, according to VGChartz estimates. The PlayStation 5 has now sold an estimated 16.10 million units lifetime in the Americas.

The Nintendo Switch sold an estimated 392,078 units to bring its lifetime sales to 47.86 million units. The Xbox Series X|S sold 367,728 units to bring their lifetime sales to 12.46 million units. The PlayStation 4 sold an estimated 3,666 units to bring its lifetime sales to 41.56 million units.

PS5 sales compared to the same month for the PS4 in 2016 are up by nearly 430,000 units, while the Xbox Series X|S compared to the same month for the Xbox One are up by nearly 79,000 units. PS4 sold 381,502 units for the month of March 2016 and Xbox One sales were at 289,004 units.

The PlayStation 5 in March is now tracking ahead of the PlayStation 4 in the Americas. The PlayStation 5 also set a PlayStation record for most units sold in the month of March beating the previous record holder, which was set by the launch of the PSP in March 2005.

Image: Circana
Image: Circana

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