Rumors Surface about EVGA Closing Its Motherboard Division after a Report of Employees, including KINGPIN, Resigning at Its Taiwan Office (Updated)

Image: EVGA

Update: TechPowerUp has received an official statement from EVGA stating that the rumors are not true and that the Taiwan office is still open and its staff, including KINGPIN, are still there.

Per TechPowerUp:

“We saw those messages and they are rumors.
Our Taiwan office is still operating and Kingpin is still with EVGA.
EVGA is still doing business and supporting its customers.
Thanks for reaching out”

Original Story:

Rumors surface that EVGA is closing another division following a report that all 170 employees at its Taiwan office have resigned. Famed Overclocker and EVGA brand endorser KINGPIN was reported to be among those who have left. The report comes via another overclocker named Safedisc who posted the news on Coolenjoy tech forums. Not long after this post rumors began to spread across social media that EVGA could be closing its motherboard division.

Per Safedisk (as translated by Google):


We would like to inform you about EVGA

Currently, all EVGA Taiwan office staff have resigned (including Kingpin).

Closures seem to be becoming a fait accompli here.

I don’t know what the warranty issue will be, but I hope EVGA users won’t have any complaints about this issue.

I wonder what will happen in the future

We’ll have to wait for EVGA’s official statement.”

Now as it hasn’t even been a full year since EVGA announced that it was officially leaving the graphics card market it makes sense how rumors could spread quickly. EVGA has been largely silent in announcing new PC component products throughout 2023 but did announce its first PCIe Gen5 ATX 3.0 power supplies just a couple of weeks ago. However, its last motherboard launch was in January with the EVGA Z790 CLASSIFIED EATX which followed the EVGA Z790 DARK K|NGP|N. Interestingly enough though both of these are currently listed as out of stock on its website but can still be found on Newegg. Meanwhile, TechPowerUp was able to get an official statement from EVGA’s office in Spain following these rumors.

Per TechPowerUp:

“Update 07:45 UTC: We’ve heard from workers at EVGA Spain “it’s just another day at the office”. So maybe it was only Kingpin/the OC team in TW that has resigned, or the whole story is completely untrue.”

So as rumors surface it appears there could still be more to the story despite EVGA’s Spain office claiming they have not heard anything. There has been speculation regarding KINGPIN and the OC team when EVGA announced it would no longer be producing graphics cards. At the time it was wondered if the team would seek sponsorship elsewhere following a FB post from Vince Lucido (KINGPIN) giving thanks to EVGA and the PC community but also saying that the KINGPIN branding may continue to live on elsewhere.

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