Immortals of Aveum Dev Teases New Game Built on Unreal Engine 5.3

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Image: Ascendant Studios

With news of poor sales, low player counts, and massive lay offs, is Immortals of Aveum developer Ascendant Studios already finished? Not quite, as the team behind EA’s magic shooter has shared a new blog post that can reveal it’s already begun work on a new project, and not only that, it’s being built on the latest (and presumably greatest) version of Unreal Engine, UE 5.3. There doesn’t seem be any word yet on whether Ascendant is trying its hand at another FPS, but Immortals of Aveum players can expect that game to be updated to UE 5.2 in the future—a move that promises greater lighting detail, animation quality, and more.

Our studio’s journey continues as we update Immortals of Aveum to UE 5.2 and begin work on our next project in UE 5.3. Here’s a sneak peek into some of what we’ll be exploring with the engine upgrade:

  • Lumen – In UE 5.1, Lumen solved the indoor-to-outdoor lighting transition seamlessly, allowing four lighters to light over 15 levels, and also allowed our modelers to instantly view assets in a variety of lighting scenarios. In 5.2, we want to take that even further by improving lighting detail around characters and visual fidelity of animations.  
  • Nanite – Nanite gave us unprecedented geometric fidelity, while saving our artists countless hours of setting LODs. In 5.2, we’re looking to further enhance overall game visuals as well as faster geometry calculations that can help further reduce pop in. 

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