Dead Space 2 Remake Canceled Due to “Lackluster” Sales of Original, It’s Claimed

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Motive Studio had been developing a remake to Dead Space 2, Visceral Games’ 2011 survival horror game, but the project has been shelved due to poor sales of 2023’s Dead Space remake, according to today’s episode of Game Mess Mornings with Lex Luddy and Jeff Grubb. The news comes a day after Motive announced that it would now be focusing on Iron Man and the Battlefield franchise for EA.

Grubb mentioned:

  • “They were working on Dead Space 2…and they are no longer working on it.”
  • “It is on the shelf…because the first game had lackluster sales…that’s how it was phrased to me.”
  • “If you were looking forward to Dead Space 2…it’s bad news…it’s just bad news…”
  • “Does this mean it never happens? I don’t know if that’s the case, but as it stands right now…”
  • “It was in the concept phase, I believe…something like that…pre-production…but that work has been put on the shelf.”

The relevant portion of the show:

The full episode:

Patrick Klaus, Motive GM, said of Iron Man yesterday:

In parallel, development continues to move forward on our Iron Man project, led by Olivier Proulx (Executive Producer) and Ian Frazier (Creative Director). The team made excellent progress this year, hitting a major internal milestone and laying a robust foundation for the journey ahead. Iron Man is an important priority for Motive, and I’m very proud of the work we’ve accomplished so far.


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