Square-Enix Teases Final Fantasy VII Remake with New Trailer

Announced nearly a lifetime ago (well, E3 2015, to be exact), Square-Enix’s mysterious Final Fantasy VII remake has resurfaced in the form of an all-new teaser trailer. Skepticism remains high due to the dearth of information behind the project, but the latest footage implies the remake of the beloved 1997 classic will, at the very least, turn out to be a beautiful one.

The trailer includes snippets of Cloud, Aeris/Aerith, and Barret during the opening bombing mission, all of whom sport character models that put their Advent Children counterparts to shame. The city of Midgar also appears to be exquisitely detailed, with impressive lighting effects throughout.

Being that nothing beyond the opening act has been revealed thus far, it appears that Square-Enix’s plan of developing and releasing the game episodically hasn’t changed. On-screen indicators also confirm an active battle system akin to newer Final Fantasy titles, such as FFXV.

Director Tetsuya Nomura has promised more information will be revealed sometime next month, which probably means E3. Let’s hope he finally gives us a release date.


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