Before I discuss my review methodologies and review format, let me tell you a little about myself.  I enjoyed computers from a young age, the first time as a child I saw the top popped off of our new Compaq 386SX computer so that 1MB of RAM could be upgraded to 4MB of RAM was the day I knew what I’d be doing with my life.  I studied hard, learning DOS, Windows 3.0, printing on the dot matrix printer and going “online” on local BBS’s via our 2400 baud modem.  From there it was a natural progression, convincing my parents to get a 486 next, and then actually performing the upgrade myself to give that machine a sound card, CD-ROM and speakers, what an experience.  It was about this time we were on AOL, what an experience.

Naturally, the upgrades continued and an Acer Pentium 75 computer loaded to the brim came into our house and my mind was blown.  It just never stopped from there.  Through high-school, Windows 95, and a good ole 56K, with actual local Internet access finally, I tried my hand at getting involved with some hardware review websites.  One of the first was actually an ATI fan site, dedicated to the Rage Pro, and then Rage 128.  

I wrote my first game review playing games on current ATI Rage GPUs.  

I even got a Diamond Voodoo2 to put alongside the ATI Xpert@Play video card. 

I dabbled with trying to create my own review website in the late 90’s, with limited success.  However, it was where I made my very own first contact with 3DFX.  I was sent a 3DFX Voodoo 3 3500TV to review, and I knew for sure this is what I wanted to do with my life.  I of course had been reading, and knew of HardOCP, it was my dream of course to work as a hardware reviewer professionally. 

Out of the blue, in 2001, I wrote an email to HardOCP and said I was interested in reviewing hardware.  Kyle really wasn’t hiring at the time, it was very early days, but he said you know what, I’ll give you a chance and see what you can do, so he set me up with a review system and my first video card, a GeForce 4 MX to review.  I showed him what I was capable of, and the rest is history. 

I went to work for him full time, and though I did some motherboard reviews early on, my fate was sealed as the lead GPU reviewer for HardOCP.  Over time, I managed a small team of GPU reviewers so we could pump out more and more, and for 18 years got to review the newest, the best, and sometimes the worst, GPUs from then to now.

My Role on

While I have a passion for GPUs and gaming, my interests are broad.  I am interested in all things computer, every component, every system, technology in general.  I am a geek, through and through, and that doesn’t stop with the GPU.  Therefore, while I will be the lead GPU reviewer at I will also personally be expanding my horizons when it comes to computer hardware and technology review.  Don’t worry though, you will still be seeing my iconic video card reviews, and I will be heading and leading anything video card/GPU/gaming related.  However, I will strive to include new hardware review opportunities in new and different and unique ways.  I have the opportunity to bring GPU reviews and performance reviews to other aspects of hardware, like platform level, and it is going to be very exciting. 

My new role also includes all of scheduling.  I will procure hardware, keep the schedule and publications flowing, and make sure we bring you cool new unique review ideas.  If you ever have a suggestion about something we should review, or a great new review idea for us, please send them to me and I will surely consider it.

Brent Justice

Brent Justice has been reviewing computer components for 20+ years, educated in the art and method of the computer hardware review he brings experience, knowledge, and hands-on testing with a gamer oriented...