Brent Justice Intro and GPU Review Format

GPU Review Format

My review format is going to consist of between 6-8 or 9 pages for a single video card review.  Other types of reviews will be customized for whatever hardware or testing we need.  On the video card side of things, we will have our Introduction to the video card on Page 1, a test setup page on Page 2 and then we will get right into overclocking, power and temp on Page 3. 

Page 4 is going to be our dedicated real-world gaming page.  On this page we will use the latest games and report in apples-to-apples format the minimum and average FPS on a bar graph for easy comparison.  We will use built-in benchmarks in games and manual run-throughs.  We will include stock performance and overclocked performance.  You will see 6-8 games on this one page, bar graphs comparing performance at each resolution or if it’s a comparison review showing other card performance. If this page gets too long, I may divide it into two pages if needed.  

Page 5 will then be our synthetic test page for those that find it useful.  Overclocking will be included, and most results will be bar graphs. Page 6, if needed, will be dedicated to showing the performance of special features that some video cards may have.  For example, this is where NVIDIA Ray Tracing and DLSS performance will be explored.  Then finally we will have our conclusion as the last page.  Reviews could be 6-8 or 9 pages long, depending on the variables, we will strive to make them shorter and to the point.

It is very important to remember, we are separating the hardware video card reviews from game reviews.  Game reviews are where you will find the gameplay experience, and highest playable settings for the game on different video cards tested.  Video card reviews will focus on the hardware and relate objective, useful information for making a video card buying decision using games and other tests. 

As a gamer, I will always have that focus, at the same time, I am also a hardware enthusiast.  I want the best value. 

Video card reviews are hardware reviews of the video card, and game reviews are game performance reviews showing what is playable on different video cards.

The review format should look something like this:

Page 1 – Intro
Page 2 – Test Setup
Page 3 – Power/Temp/Overclocking
Page 4 and or 5 – Gameplay Performance
Page 5 or 6 – Synthetic Performance
Page 6 or 7 – Special Feature Performance if needed
Last Page – Conclusion

Length will depend on if we need to use two pages for gameplay performance or also include special feature performance.

Brent Justice
Former managing editor of GPUs at HardOCP for 18 years, Brent Justice has been reviewing computer components since the late 90s, educated in the art and method of the computer hardware review, he brings experience, knowledge, and hands-on testing with a gamer-oriented and hardware enthusiast perspective. You can follow him on Twitter - @Brent_Justice You can sub to his YouTube channel - Justice Gaming You can check out his computer builds on KIT - @BrentJustice

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