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Evolved Methodologies

On we are going to be evaluating computer hardware from an enthusiast standpoint, finding the value of hardware, and bringing you evaluation from a real-world perspective. 

We are all gamers here.

Our focus is toward that end, from an enthusiast hardware perspective.  We all love computer hardware, and are passionate about exploring new technologies and relating that experience to you.

While our goals are similar are methodologies are going to be evolved, fresh, and current. is a flexible hardware review website that will bring in a wide variety of computer hardware components for review.  We will have focus on the core components, CPU, Motherboards, GPUs, PSUs, and Coolers. However, we are not stopping there, other key components of the computing and gaming experience will be reviewed, including Chipsets, RAM, SSDs, Monitors, Gaming on different platforms, and many unique system level reviews in different ways.  We will also be incorporating editorials and blog style posting from each reviewer about new technologies we just simply want to talk about. 

To achieve these goals our methodologies will be evolving, we want to stay current and with the times.  While we are starting off with written form reviews, in time we will be including YouTube as part of our review process.  YouTube can be a great resource to showcase a product.  Eventually, we will dual-posted our reviews to our website and YouTube.  We will utilize YouTube for what it’s best at, short showcases to visually show off computer hardware or some test that works best in a visual form.  Then the YouTube video will link to the full review on our site, and on our site at the top of each review will be the “showcase” YouTube video for that piece of hardware. 

While this is our goal, we aren’t there just yet.  I’m just giving you some insight into what you can expect in the future once we figure out how to make it all happen.  We think this form of review can be a success on both fronts, utilizing the benefits of both written form reviews for all the chart and graph data, and YouTube to showcase the hardware.

Testing Methodologies

Taking the lessons learned from 18 years of testing at HardOCP, I am basing my reviews around those philosophies.  My reviews will be all about the real-world gameplay performance, value, and how that value is delivered when considering the overall experience.   

I feel that to get a thorough review of a piece of hardware and video card we must incorporate other aspects of performance as well.  This means built-in game benchmarks and synthetic benchmarks based on games have their place, as well as GPGPU specific testing in OpenCL/CUDA and the like.  These are extra tools, to give a big picture on the whole experience. These are aspects of computer hardware and video cards that are important.  A video card in today’s world is a Swiss army knife of features, it’s a tool for many different things and people buy hardware for different reasons with different goals in mind. 

My philosophy is simple, give the reader all the information I can in an objective format so that they/you can make the best-informed buying decision about a piece of hardware.

  I can and will tell you my experiences, I can and will give you my feedback, but in the end, it is you who are making the final buying decision.  Therefore, the best way I can help you make your decision is to give you all the relevant information I can so you are well informed with objective, empirical, data. 

Gameplay performance will still be paramount, and our primary focus, but we can and will include other bits of data so that you can make a well-rounded buying decision.

Brent Justice
Former managing editor of GPUs at HardOCP for 18 years, Brent Justice has been reviewing computer components since the late 90s, educated in the art and method of the computer hardware review, he brings experience, knowledge, and hands-on testing with a gamer-oriented and hardware enthusiast perspective. You can follow him on Twitter - @Brent_Justice You can sub to his YouTube channel - Justice Gaming You can check out his computer builds on KIT - @BrentJustice

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