Intel COMPUTEX 2019 Re-Cap and Analysis

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It’s all about the mobiles…


In today’s editorial we are going to re-cap and give our opinions on the Intel keynote held at COMPUTEX 2019 this year.  Please also check out our AMD NAVI and Ryzen COMPUTEX Re-Cap and Analysis editorial as well.

If you’d like to watch the entire keynote video Intel is hosting it here for re-watch. 

On My 28th 2019 Intel held its keynote at COMPUTEX 2019.  The Intel keynote began with a bang playing a catchy rock tune.  Gregory Bryant, Intel senior vice president and general manager of the client compute computing group gave the presentation this year. 

The event began by giving some history of Intel and its achievements and innovations over the years. The 4004 microprocessors were mentioned, and shown.  The Intel 4004 was its first 4-bit commercially available microprocessor in 1971.  Intel certainly has come a long way since then and brought many innovations to the world. 

Come Together

The whole theme this year is based on the phrase “Come Together”.   When people, ideas and innovations come together powerful things can happen.  This is Intel trying to get everyone on board with their technologies and ecosystem now and for the future.  Intel stated that we are in the heart of a datacentric era, the client (the human) is the touchpoint of that data. 

Gregory Bryant made a bold statement by stating that Intel knows it needs to be quote “more bold” in the future.  Intel wants to build a PC platform that helps people focus.  Gone are the days of the traditional office, the PC is the office, wherever you can sit down that space is now your office with your mobile laptop or device.   

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