Raja Koduri: Intel’s First Discrete GPU Will Cost $200

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UPDATE: According to Intel, Koduri actually said something quite differently:

“Not everybody will buy a $500-$600 card, but there are enough people buying those too – so that’s a great market.

So the strategy we’re taking is we’re not really worried about the performance range, the cost range and all because eventually our architecture as I’ve publicly said, has to hit from mainstream, which starts even around $100, all the way to Data Center-class graphics with HBM memories and all, which will be expensive.

We have to hit everything; it’s just a matter of where do you start? The First one? The Second one? The Third one? And the strategy that we have within a period of roughly – let’s call it 2-3 years – to have the full stack.” – Raja Koduri

In an interview with Russian YouTube channel PRO Hi-Tech, Raja Koduri revealed that Intel’s first volley against NVIDIA and AMD would be a mid-range GPU costing $200. The company intends to win enthusiasts over with affordability rather than performance.


That’s similar to RTG’s strategy, which makes a lot of sense, since Koduri used to lead that unit. He says that Intel should have a complete range of GPUs in two or three years time.

Koduri said that he wants to replicate AMD’s strategy of capturing high-volume price-points, such as the $199 Radeon RX 480. The plan here is to bring an affordable, good performing GPU to the masses – “GPUs for everyone” as he calls them.


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