On this page, and forward, we are going to now use synthetic benchmarks to see if there are any differences in those.  While some test generic performance, like 3DMark, we do have some applications that test more specific, direct tests of application benchmarks that the NVIDIA Studio Driver is actually built for. 

First, though, we are going to start with 3DMark, reporting the Graphics Tests only here.

Time Spy Graphics Test 1

In Time Spy the Graphics Test 1 result is exactly the same between both driver sets. 

Time Spy Graphics Test 2

In the Time Spy Graphics Test 2 though there is a slight difference favoring the NVIDIA Studio Driver in performance.

Fire Strike Graphics Test 1

We also see a slight advantage to the NVIDIA Studio Driver in the Fire Strike Graphics Test 1.  It is actually 1% faster.

Fire Strike Graphics Test 2

In this graph, performance is very similar.