Cinebench R15

For our next test, we are using the older Cinebench R15 benchmark so we can test the OpenGL rendering performance. 

From this you can see that the NVIDIA Studio Driver is just an edge faster.      


Our next benchmark is the OctaneBench 4.00 benchmark.  Note that the latest NV Studio Driver being tested today does improve Otoy Octane Renderer, latest version.

In the benchmark, the total score is slightly higher on the NV Studio Driver.  Results may be even better inside the renderer application itself using the latest released version.  This benchmark may not reflect the latest renderer version.

VRay Benchmark

The VRay Benchmark tests GPU render time.

There’s a slight .1 second improvement with the NV Studio Driver, but not major by any means. 

HandBrake 1.2.2

We also wanted to run a video encoder test using NVENC.

Well, it appears there’s no difference in video rendering, at least in this scenario.