PCMark 10

For this next synthetic test we are using PCMark 10.  However, we are only going to report the “Digital Content Creation Score” after running the full extended PCMark 10 benchmark test.  This digital content creation score tests many different aspects of content creation using OpenCL, and even includes Ray Tracing. 

Blender 2.80

For our next test, we are using the actual application Blender 2.80.  We are using two pre-constructed demos, Fishy Cat and Blender Man.  We are simply rendering an image from the animation using the GPU Compute rendering option in Cycles. 

Fishy Cat

The results are in seconds, and lower is better.  It took 21.14 seconds to render Fishy Cats on the GeForce Game Ready Driver.  It took 20.73 seconds to render this with the NV Studio Driver.  The NV Studio Driver is faster, not majorly, but slightly.  The Studio Driver is about 2% faster.

Blender Man

In Blender Man, it took 3 minutes and 57 seconds to render on the GeForce Game Ready Driver.  However, it took 3 minutes and 55 seconds on the NV Studio Driver.  This is a very small difference, 2 seconds time saved on the Studio Driver.  However, imagine if this was a multiple-hour render, it will add up to minutes saved.

Brent Justice

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