Hulu Raises Price of Live TV Streaming Plan to $54.99

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What’s a good way to compete with the increasing number of streaming competitors? For Hulu, it’s raising prices. The company has increased the cost of its live TV service by $10, which means that users will now be paying $54.99 a month. This is actually the second price hike (there was already a $5 price increase in February).

Price changes are never easy to stomach, and we know that many people don’t watch live television year-round, so we’ve made it easy for Hulu subscribers to switch back and forth between our plans to best suit their needs. If you love college football, choose Hulu + Live TV during the season, then switch to one of Hulu’s less expensive on-demand plans when it’s over. If you enjoy most of your TV on demand but really want to watch live election news, just switch to Hulu + Live TV for a few months.


Tsing Mui
News poster at The FPS Review.

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