AAA Games Getting PC Releases in 2020

Big PC Games of 2020
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Yesterday’s released demo for Resident Evil 3 should serve as a reminder that 2020 has a number of upcoming AAA game releases. We saw the beginning of a new era in 2019 when NVIDIA introduced hardware based ray tracing to the consumer market. Still in its infancy it did manage to get incorporated into a number of big budget games. Some smaller studios have even gained notable recognition for their implementation of the new tech. Rumors continue to float around that AMD is developing their own version while no one for sure knows what Intel may have up their sleeve. Dolby’s object based sound, Atmos, has found its way into a few along with HDR. Meanwhile 4K gaming continues to gain ground as many focus on faster frames with 1080p or 1440p. Needless to say there’s a lot of technology available for gaming in 2020, with more to come, and games to enjoy it with.

Doom Eternal

The 2nd installment from id Software will arrive on March 20th. In recent months we’ve learned that it will not feature ray tracing or micro-transactions. This well known shooter will likely have Vulkan as its predecessor. Some early reviews have stated that its more of the same but is it possible to get to much of a good thing with shooting bad things?

Half-Life: Alyx

Over twelve years after the last game a new one is coming. This time around fans will be able to delve into the popular franchise with VR. This one is around the virtual corner coming March 23rd.

Resident Evil 3

The Resident Evil Franchise saw a revival with RE7 in 2017 and then RE2 in 2019. It’s popularity hasn’t waned and Capcom has had info leaked about even more projects in the works. The last installment had Dolby Atmos to help provide a three dimension sound environment in the creepy but fun moments. It also had HDR to enhance the game’s dark visuals. RE3 will arrive on April 3rd.

Wasteland 3

The last iteration was up for grabs recently on GOG in December so fans of this franchise are probably gearing up the next one. Set in a post apocalyptic future, this game has creative ties to the Fallout series. InXhile will bring this one to us on May 19th.

Marvel’s Avengers

This will be the first Avengers based game released to PC’s since the conclusion Marvel’s Phase 3 of movies. It will feature both co-op and single player campaigns. Recently announced for pre-order it will see release on September 4th.

Cyberpunk 2077

Leaks about a new game in development at CD Projekt Red started popping up after 2015’s Witcher 3 release. Soon after the world found out they would be taking on this iconic franchise. Barely a day goes by now without some kind of new announcement. It won’t have VR but could have just about every other technological bell and whistle you can imagine. CDPR has pushed the date back for this one numerous times but we should finally get it on September 17th.

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