Radeon RX 5500 XT 8GB vs. 4GB Gaming Review

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Metro Exodus

1080p “High” Graphics Preset

Metro Exodus

For our first test in Metro Exodus, we have the same set at the “High” graphics setting. We do have Tessellation enabled, as well as HairWorks and PhysX.  The level of performance is borderline playable.

We do not see any performance differences between 4GB and 8GB in this game in this setting, so let’s crank it up further.

1080p “Ultra” Graphics Preset

Metro Exodus

In this graph we have increased the quality up to “Ultra” which is one step down from the highest possible settings.  However, we still don’t see any differences in gameplay performance.  Performance is low though and very much not playable at this level.  We should also note that we did try “Extreme” quality but the game kept crashing on the 4GB Radeon RX 5500 XT.

1440p “Ultra” Graphics Preset

Metro Exodus

Now we have bumped the game up to 1440p at “Ultra” settings to really make it tough.  Yet, there are still no differences at all between 4GB and 8GB.  One thing is for certain though, performance is very much not playable.   

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